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Dealing with pain and discomfort during menses is not easy, and it is even worse if you develop endometriosis. Almost 10% of women and girls worldwide between the ages of 15 to 49 have this condition. This means 247 million girls and women globally and 42 million girls and women in India are affected by endometriosis. In this blog, let’s find out how the panchakarma approach can help treat this condition, helping you live a better and pain-free life.

A] Understanding Endometriosis

Endometriosis can begin in a female’s first menstrual period and stay until menopause. It is a condition in which similar tissue to the uterus lining grows beyond the uterus. It can cause extreme pain in the pelvis and make it harder to get pregnant.

  • Types of Endometriosis
    There are five types of endometriosis:  
    1. Superficial peritoneal endometriosis (pelvic endometriosis)
    2. Ovarian endometriosis
    3. Deep infiltrating endometriosis
    4. Extra-abdominal endometriosis
    5. Latrogenic endometriosis

  • Symptoms of Endometriosis
    Following are some of the symptoms of endometriosis:  
    1. Pain in the pelvis area and lower back.
    2. Pain during intercourse.
    3. Pain during bowel movements.
    4. Vaginal bleeding or spotting.
    5. Heavier than usual periods.
    6. Impaired fertility.
    7. Abdominal or intestinal pain, constipation, bloating, and flatulence, especially during menstrual periods.

  • Causes of Endometriosis
    The causes of endometriosis are not yet known and not well understood. However, the following are some of the reasons why it might happen:

  • Genetic factors Some people may have a high chance of getting endometriosis if endometriosis runs in families.

  • Immune system issues A faulty immune system may fail to notice and get rid of endometrial tissue growing on the outer side of the uterus, causing endometriosis.

  • Hormones A higher level of estrogen promotes endometriosis.

B] What is the Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment for Endometriosis?

We often get asked how to cure endometriosis naturally. The answer is ayurveda.

The main goal of ayurvedic medicine for uterus cleaning is to restore the original state of balance between the doshas. Ayurveda has helped with specific regimens and treatment modalities to achieve this. For example, Panchakarma, Dinacharya, Vega Adharana, Rutucharya, and Rasayana–Vajikarana.

Panchakarma includes five procedures; hence, the term PANCHA (five)—KARMA (procedures). It is a special endometriosis ayurvedic treatment that includes preventive, curative, and promotive steps for myriad diseases. It is a method of purifying the body of all unwanted waste after lubricating it. 

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C] Can Panchakarma Cure Endometriosis?

Panchakarma is worthwhile as a treatment option that provides long-lasting health benefits. It is a form of deep cleanse in Ayurveda. By using ayurvedic medicine for endometrial thickness, it provides you with long-lasting results.

All phases of Panchakarma ayurvedic treatment for endometriosis eliminate toxins and work towards balancing the doshas. It has constantly held that treatments effectively go hand in hand with lifestyle changes. 

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D] Ayurveda Chikitsa in Endometriosis

  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil Massage) Abhyangam in Ayurveda is a unique herbal warm oil massage. The oil is applied to the whole body from your scalp to the soles of your feet. Not only does it help in stimulating blood and lymph circulation, but it also provides great relief from pain and acts as a stress reliever.

  • Swedana (Herbal Steam Therapy)In Swedana the body is cleansed through steam baths using herbs. It works by opening the pores and getting rid of all impurities through sweat glands. It is a cleansing-cum-stress relieving therapy. It helps patients dealing with asthma, inflammation, weight problems, and digestion disorders. It also increases the strength of your body as a whole. 

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  • Basti (Enema Therapy) Basti is one of the most popular and known to be the most effective therapy of all. In this process, medicated ghee or herbs are induced in your body through the rectum so that it delivers to the colon faster and better.  It treats Vataja Roga, Endometriosis is a Vata Predominant Disease. It is also useful in digestive disorders, constipation, arthritis, backache, obesity, certain neurological conditions, and much more.

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E] Incorporating Panchakarma Treatment for Endometriosis

Ayurvedic treatment for endometrial thickness is one of the most famous natural healing processes. With treatments like blood purification, vaginal and rectum administration of herbs and medicine, or even implantation, panchakarma detox retreat is known for helping to eliminate toxins from your body. It reduces pain and inflammation, as well as improves the digestive system, and helps deal with doshas. 

F] Why Choose Fazlani Nature's Nest for Panchakarma Treatment for Endometriosis?

Fazlani Nature’s Nest is the premier choice when it comes to ayurveda panchakarma retreat. From extensive expertise in Ayurveda to luxurious retreat settings, personalised care, and a proven track record, we offer a serene environment conducive to healing, tailored to individual needs. Patients benefit from personalised attention, ensuring effective relief from endometriosis symptoms and an enhanced quality of life. Experience the transformative power of Ayurveda at Fazlani Nature’s Nest, one of the best panchakarma retreats available.

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H] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How often should you do Panchakarma, an Ayurvedic treatment?

The frequency of ayurvedic panchakarma sessions varies based on individual health needs, imbalances, and treatment goals. Generally, a full Panchakarma cycle is recommended once in a year for better results.

How can Endometriosis be prevented from recurring through Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on balancing doshas, strengthening the reproductive system, and detoxifying the body. By following a tailored Ayurvedic regimen, including herbal remedies, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications, or consulting a panchakarma retreat you can reduce the chances of endometriosis recurrence.

How to prevent Endometriosis from coming back?

Ayurveda emphasises maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, and promoting hormonal balance to prevent endometriosis recurrence. Regular Ayurvedic treatments, including panchakarma chikitsa, along with dietary adjustments and herbal supplements, can help maintain wellness and prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

How to cure Endometriosis with Ayurvedic Panchakarma?

Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment offers a holistic approach to managing endometriosis by addressing the root cause and balancing the body’s energies. Through detoxification therapies, herbal remedies, and lifestyle modifications, Ayurveda aims to alleviate symptoms, reduce inflammation, and promote overall well-being, aiding in the management and potential cure of endometriosis.

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