Pain Management

Starting from 7, 10 & 14 nights

Holistic Pain Management Programme

Pain Management

Starting from 7, 10 & 14 nights

Chronic Pain Management Retreat: Strategically Tackling Pain

Any continuous discomfort lasting longer than the tissues’ projected healing time should be chronic pain. Our Pain Management program takes you on the road to recovery with several treatments integrating Physiotherapy, Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness therapies accessible during your retreat.

Our professional physiotherapists and experts inculcate alternative holistic therapies to address the underlying issues that underlie patterns of physical discomfort. Get significant relief by finishing a schedule of meditation and exercises that encourage cranio-myofascial muscle relaxation. Specialists at our wellness center will skillfully blend tailored Yogic activities with experiential therapies to relieve stress.

Pain Management Session
Based on the underlying cause of the pain, the treatment strategy is highly customized and consists of extensive physiotherapy treatments, topical Ayurvedic remedies, stress-relieving yoga poses, and an anti-inflammatory food approach to relieve pain, increase joint mobility, promote relaxation, and lessen oedema, inflammation, or movement limitation in soft tissues.
Fazlani Nature’s Nest “Pain Management Retreat” is perfect for anyone wanting to get symptomatic pain relief due to chronic musculoskeletal joint pains, recent muscular injuries, improve Joint mobility or address age related arthritic pain.

Physician supervised and guided, our Pain Management Retreat includes a personalised treatment plan with effective Physiotherapy modalities like Diathermy, Interferential therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerves stimulation, traction or Ultrasound therapy blended with Pain relieving Ayurvedic therapies, Therapeutic Yoga and curated daily meals with anti-inflammatory Wellness cuisine. Based on doctor assessments, the retreat is augmented with a set of customized exercises, practiced under expert guidance, concluding with a prescribed home exercise maintenance regime to ensure pain mitigation.

A holistic approach to Pain Management integrating Physiotherapy, Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness therapies identify the root cause of the pain thus bringing relief from discomfort, enhance joint mobility, induce relaxation, and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or movement restriction.
  • A decrease in pain intensity 
  • Improvement of Physical Performance
  • Use of medications correctly
  • An improvement in mood and sleep
  • Improves the circulation of nutrients to the joints, helping reduce discomfort
  • Reduces stiffness and soreness in the joints
  • It operates through the pain gate route and boosts endorphin release. Works with the natural painkillers in the body, muscle opiates that aid in pain relief
  • Neural discomfort brought on by peripheral neuropathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica 
  • Pain from connective tissue conditions, including tennis elbow and frozen shoulder
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome-related pain
  • Cervical spondylitis and age-related arthritis
  • Lower back ache pains
  • Relieving muscular discomfort brought on by sprains and strains sustained during sports
  • Osteoarthritis or additional persistent pain conditions
  • Rehabilitation following surgery


  1. Luxurious suites and rooms according to the reservations
  2.  Access to recreational amenities like the swimming pool, steam room, and sauna
  1. Understand your health and well-being objectives
  2. Consultation with a wellness physician at the site
  3. Body composition and pulse analysis
  4. Bio-Impedance examination of health indicators upon arrival
  5. Monitoring the vitals regularly
  6. Wellness physician consultation following the retreat
  1. Three carefully curated healthy meals daily using the farm-to-fork philosophy and emphasizing nutrient-dense whole foods.
  2. Daily herbal detox elixirs with meals, such as slow-pressed juices and superfood drinks.
  3. Herbal supplements for detoxification
  4. Dietary recommendations following the retreat
  1.  Therapeutic yoga, chakra meditation, and pranayama breathing exercises to reset the mind and body daily
  2. Participate in daily activities offered by Fazlani, such as nature walks, art therapy sessions in a hobby studio, scheduled fitness group sessions, and hiking


The Pain Management Wellness Program at Fazlani Nature’s Nest offers personalised Physiotherapy, Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness therapies to help you deal with chronic pain. We address issues that go deep into the tissues and muscles so your pain is managed for once and for all.

The Pain Management Wellness Program is beneficial for individuals seeking wellness for chronic pain, aiming to enhance physical and mental well-being. Our pain management retreat in India caters to those looking for holistic approaches to manage pain and improve their overall quality of life.

This program incorporates various techniques, which include healing massage therapy, cupping therapy, acupressure, physiotherapy, naturopathy herbal packs, and personalised yoga sessions.

No, the Pain Management Wellness Program is not a replacement for medical treatment. Our wellness retreats in India complement conventional medical approaches by offering holistic strategies to manage pain. 

Yes, the exercises and techniques in this program are personalised and tailored to individuals’ needs. Our Ayurvedic wellness packages ensure that participants receive targeted interventions based on their specific conditions, preferences, and goals for effective pain management and overall well-being.

Fazlani’s Pain Management Wellness Program stands out for its personalized approach. Before we begin our pain management wellness program we make sure we understand your health and well-being objectives. Additionally, our primary focus is to address the underlying issues that underlie patterns of physical discomfort, so the pain does not come back.

If you are interested in Fazlani’s Pain Management Wellness Program, contact us today. You can book a reservation via a phone call at 7700070070 / 2266300000, or simply drop us an email at A consultation will be arranged to understand your needs, and a personalized plan will be crafted to start your journey towards pain relief and improved well-being. Alternatively, you can book online if you do not wish to speak to anyone.

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