Indian Ayurveda has contributed heavily to natural healing treatments and therapies. Some Ayurvedic Treatments have changed the way individuals live their lives. One of those treatments is the Panchakarma Treatment, which is considered to be one of the most significant branches of Ayurveda.


At Fazlani Natures Nest, this treatment is practiced by highly trained specialists, who ensure that the body is eliminated of toxins. The Panchakarma Treatment at Fazlani Natures Nest cleanses and detoxifies the body from within, giving the individual a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. It balances the doshas and also improves the immunity of the body, thus strengthening the individual to fight against ailments. 

The 5 Step Process of Panchakarma Treatment:

  • Vamanam

This process is also known as Emesis Therapy, or in easy words, vomiting. This is majorly used for addressing congestion in the lungs, which leads to bronchitis, cold, and cough. This process eliminates the excess mucus. 

  • Virechanam

This process removes toxins from the intestines by therapeutic puration. It helps in expulsion of morbid doshas, especially the vitiated pitta.

  • Basti

Using enema, herbal concoctions are introduced in the rectum, which in turn relieves constipation, backaches, and eliminates kidney [FM1] stones, and addresses other health problems 

  • Nasya

This step is to address problems such as sinus, throat problems, and neurological [FM2] [L3] related issues like migraine. In this step, the cerebral area gets freed from any kind of pain and problems. 

  • Raktamokshan

Used for cleansing blood, and avoiding or treating ailments because of impure blood, Raktamokshan can be performed in the entire body or in a particular area. This can treat skin infections such as dermatitis, psoriasis etc. 


These 5 steps in the Panchakarma Treatment cleanses the body inside out, resulting in a healthy and purified body. At Fazlani Natures Nest, experience this detoxification of the body, and enjoy some time amidst nature.  

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of the Panchakarma Treatment:

  • Holistic purification of the body:

The 5 step process ensures that the body gets rid of all the impurities and thus results into a purified mind, body, and soul. This treatment ensures that the 3 doshas are balanced and healthy. 

  •  Increased metabolism:

As Panchakarma Treatments aims at ensuring complete well-being of an individual, it naturally gets rid of the toxins and thereby increases the metabolism and immunity of an individual. 

  • Weight loss:

As mentioned above, Panchakarma improves the metabolism, which also results in flushing out of the bad gut bacteria with the toxins. This process helps in weight loss. 

  • Relaxation of the body and mind

As this Ayurvedic treatment purifies the body, the body then accepts the maximum benefits it can absorb from food and exercising. This rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul.


At Fazlani Natures Nest, experience the best of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Indulge in life changing experiences!