Understanding the Importance & Benefits of Ayurveda in Modern Times

Understanding the Benefits of Ayurveda in Modern Times

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In the last two years, the rampant spread of COVID-19 across the world has brought into perspective the fragility of our healthcare system. It has also gone through a monumental transition with individuals moving from modern medicines to alternative methods of treatment and a holistic way of living.

Modern medicine and therapies have limitations when it comes to curing chronic and lifestyle conditions. As a result, the healthcare industry has been in the quest of making the health ecosystem more inclusive, holistic, and affordable. These approaches have recently brought Ayurveda into the limelight again.

Ayurveda, known as the ‘Sister Science’ of yoga, is one of the most renowned traditional systems of medicine that has evolved into a comprehensive healthcare management system. It has been playing an important role in shaping the discourse around the modern healthcare system. Moreover, the current crisis acts as a powerful reminder of the need for more sustainable healthcare solutions and the importance of Ayurveda.

Basic Doctrine Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that the entire universe is composed of five elements (referred to as Pancha Mahabhoota) – Vayu (air), Jala (water), Aakash (space), Prithvi (earth), and Teja (fire). These five elements are believed to form the three main body types and personality characteristics, otherwise known as Doshas or Tridoshas’ in varying combinations.

  • Vata – The catabolism of the body is believed to be governed by Vata dosha. It helps maintain cellular transport, balance electrolyte, and eliminate waste products. Dryness increases the effect of this dosha.
  • Pitta – The metabolism of the body is believed to be governed by Pitta dosha. It regulates the optic nerve coordination and body temperature while aiding in hunger and thirst management. The body’s heat conditions aggravate this dosha.
  • Kapha – The anabolism of the body is believed to be governed by Kapha dosha. It provides lubrication to the joints for proper functioning. Sweet and fatty foods increase this dosha.

In Ayurveda, it is believed that a perfect balance between these three doshas and natural elements is important to maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Any imbalance between them can cause a state of illness or disease.

The Importance of Ayurveda in Modern Life

Ayurveda essentially means the knowledge of life – a precise combination of science and the art of living. Despite significant advanced in allopathic medicines and contemporary healthcare systems, numerous individuals still depend on age-old Ayurvedic remedies to improve the quality of their lives.

Today, for many health-conscious individuals, ‘natural’ has become a new mantra for a healthy lifestyle. Their sentiment is shifting toward the adoption of natural medicine and treatments over synthetic ones. As an alternative method, Ayurveda is unwaveringly acquiring the center stage. The challenging concerns over the modern healthcare system are further boosting the importance of Ayurveda.

Moreover, Ayurveda has the potential to revolutionise the modern lifestyle and healthcare ecosystem and make the future medical system more sustainable. It is renowned for its ‘Prevention is better than cure’ philosophy and can provide healthy lifestyle solutions and promote overall well-being.

What are the Health Benefits of Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda experts, the traditional medicine system provides important insights into the understanding and management of diseases in the contemporary world. It puts great emphasis on the psychological state in the prevention and management of diseases. Here are some of the primary benefits of Ayurveda for physical and mental health.

1.Ensures better health at a cellular level

According to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Ayurveda can help on a cellular level and has the potential to regenerate cells. It has been indicated that human bodies have the power to heal themselves of certain ailments, simply through the way we treat our bodies.

2.Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

Most modern lifestyle diseases arise from high blood pressure and plaque buildup. The formation of cholesterol and fats in the inner lining of the arteries results in plaque. This is the root cause of heart attacks and strokes. Ayurvedic diets and relaxation techniques help reduce plaque buildup and prevent immunity-related diseases. Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils also help improve blood flow and circulation while drawing out toxins from the body.

3.Improves digestion and reduces inflammation

The root cause of many diseases begins with inflammation due to bad digestion and unhealthy eating routines. Ayurvedic diets and treatments activate the digestive system during the right times of the day, resulting in a reduced toxic build-up in the digestive tract. This prevents the body from feeling lethargic and increases energy levels.

4.Helps in weight loss management

In Ayurveda, weight is not necessarily a major concern but it emphasizes healthy eating habits that help shed excess body fat. Correct dietary restrictions through Ayurveda allow the body to detox and make it possible to achieve a toned body.

5.Reduces stress

Today, the fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle leaves no scope for the body to relax and rejuvenate. Ayurvedic herbal treatments and massages along with the regular practice of yoga, breathing exercises, and massages guarantee a reduction in stress and anxiety. These practices also allow the body to calm down, detoxify, and rejuvenate.

6.Cleanses the body

In Ayurveda, Panchakarma is the practice to remove toxins from the body through five different techniques. The administration of these techniques in the body allows the elimination of toxins that interfere with our body functions. A cleansed body, in turn, improves overall physical and mental health.

Ayurveda: The Road Ahead

Perfected over centuries, Ayurveda has long been proving its worth and attracting a large number of people to improve their life. Increasing awareness about the efficacy of natural and traditional medicines along with a surge in research activities and several self-educated and health-conscious consumers is expected to expand the scope of Ayurveda across the globe in the future.

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