Why is Detoxification Good?

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Why Prefer Natural Healing Over Other Forms Of Medication?

Detoxification is an act of cleansing the body from within to get rid of harmful toxins and impurities that may cause diseases in the body in a longer run. 

A complete detox of the body can help you lose weight, pump up your energy levels, get rid of body/muscle pain and help you sleep better. 

So, now the question arises- Is Detoxification Really Helpful?


To answer this question, first we will reveal some common information about Detoxing:

The toxins in our body comprise of pollutants, synthetic chemicals, impure metals and highly processed foods. All of these have negative effects on health. 


Your body has its own way of eliminating toxins and it involves the functions of the kidneys, liver, skin, digestive system and lungs. However, these organs need to be healthy to effectively eliminate the unwanted toxins. 


Hence, detoxification, in its truest sense, means optimizing the body to strengthen the natural detoxification cycle. 

When should one go for a complete body detoxification?

When there is a constant feeling of fatigue, stress and overwhelm.

When one experiences headaches frequently and lacks mental clarity.

When you begin to catch common diseases like cold, flu, bugs/viruses often.

When you have frequent troubles with digestion.

When you incline towards processed and unhealthy foods over healthy choices.

When your addiction to any substance becomes uncontrollable. 

When you are suffering from emotional instability, lack of motivation and surge in negative energy.

When your skin health is not up to date and causes frequent breakouts or irregularities.

Complete Body Detoxification

What are the benefits of a detox?

Strong immunity

Higher levels of energy

Radiant skin

Mental stability


Assistance in weight loss


At Fazlani Nature’s Nest we design a diet therapy to strengthen the vital force and curate a wellness cuisine to eliminate the harmful toxins from the body. A comprehensive Deep Cleanse Retreat at Fazlani Nature’s Nest begins 7 day onwards. Our expert practitioners and trained personnel will make your experience of detoxification fruitful & worthwhile. 


Additionally, the yoga practice, under the guidance of our yoga experts, helps you gain clarity of mind.


So, if you think that your body deserves a break from the hectic schedule that you’ve been following, then Fazlani Nature’s Nest is here to help you reconnect with nature with experiential and comprehensive retreats, tailored to your needs. 


We hope that you liked what you read and we shall soon be back with another useful piece of information to enlighten you.

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Start Your Wellness Retreat Journey at Fazlani Nature's Nest!

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