Weight Loss 101: Best Tips & Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

Valuable Tips to Lose Weight Fast

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Lose 5 kilos in a week! It’s a trope we see everywhere today. Starting a running regime, calorie counting, reducing meal portions, and eliminating carbs, sugar, or both; we vow to adopt these new habits to slim down. Additionally, there are endless diets, supplements, replacement meals,  and exercises claiming to ensure easy and rapid weight loss.


As health literacy and knowledge about health risks increases, such as the detrimental effect of being overweight or obese, a large number of people are making significant lifestyle changes to lose weight fast and improve fitness. But, it’s normal for the weight to fluctuate; whether it’s around the festivals when we are eating more sweets or after the waves of the COVID-19 when we couldn’t hit the gym or leave our houses. Therefore, it is important to prioritize losing the shame around weight gain before losing the weight.


If easy and fast weight loss is a goal that you know will help you feel energized, confident, and healthy, you need to initially create a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and self-care.


Adopt these Eating Habits to Lose Weight Fast

In the weight loss journey, one of the most effective changes that you could make is learning about foods and eating habits and the effects they have on the body. Mindful eating helps you make conscious food choices and develop an awareness of your hunger and satiety cues, helping you respond to these cues by eating healthy.


  • Add more vegetables to your meals – Most fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that keep you healthy and help you crowd out sugary and processed foods in your meals that don’t make you feel good. Adding spinach to an omelet with some avocado on top and throwing in some veggies on your pasta can give the benefits you need for weight loss.
  • Follow a lowcarb diet – Many studies have shown low-carb diets are highly effective for weight loss. Limiting carbs and including more protein and fiber in your diet increases the feeling of fullness and reduces appetite. This results in greater and faster weight loss than that from a standard low-fat diet.
  • Drink more water – Drinking water is the most basic and universal health hack, and it’s not an exception in the weight loss journey. A lot of hunger cues often actually mean that you are thirsty. So, if you get hungry soon after eating, consider drinking a big glass of water rather than mindlessly snacking to shed the extra pounds.
  • Combat your food addiction – Cravings are not your body’s way of sabotaging weight loss or health goals but food addiction does. It involves overpowering cravings that make it harder to resist eating certain foods. Overcoming the addiction or finding alternatives such as nutritious whole foods helps accelerate your weight loss journey.

Fuel Rapid Weight Loss Through Physical Activities

Apart from good food choices, physical activities ranging from morning walk to strength training can lead to rapid improvement in weight loss and help achieve help goals. The key is to focus on living less sedentary and moving more often rather than intense workout plans that you often forgo as they are hard and you are too tired to find motivation.

  • Go on a walk every day – Consistency is the key to easy weight loss, primarily achieved through going on a walk every day. Weight loss doesn’t always come from sweaty workouts or hours spent at the gym; the secret lies in moving the body more often.
  • Practice yoga – The practice of yoga supports physical, mental, and spiritual development, and it may also be an effective tool to help you lose weight fast. Physical or intense types of yoga such as vinyasa and power yoga keep the body moving constantly which helps burn calories faster. It is also a promising way to develop muscle tone and improve your metabolism.
  • Start strength training – Strength training gives your weight loss goals an extra boost. It helps build lean muscle which means your body burns calories at rest that works in favor of your weight loss journey. This further increases your calorie deficit and base metabolic rate which is necessary for weight loss.

Simple Self-care Routine to Lose Weight Fast

Stress over weight gain is worse than a carton of ice cream, a box of sugar cookies, and a bag of potato chips. Self-care is as important as eating healthy and working out to manage your weight.

  • Get enough sleep – Getting enough sleep is not only incredibly important for weight loss but also helps prevent future weight gain. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep slows down metabolism – the process that converts calories to energy. Subsequently, ineffective metabolism prompts fat storage leading to weight gain.
  • Manage your stress levels – Stress triggers the release of adrenaline cortisol which decrease your appetite as part of the body’s fight or flight response. In case of constant stress, cortisol may remain in the bloodstream which increases the appetite leading to more food consumption. Stress can be managed with breathing and relaxation techniques, gardening, or spending some time outdoors.
  • Take a work break – Throughout your workday, it is important to honor your body and give what it needs – a break. Rather than mindlessly reaching for your phone or pushing that through and continuing to work, get up and move. Some stretching or ten jumping jacks can help you refocus and re-energise better than scrolling through social media.

Today, with a wealth of information available on the internet, including yoga or workout videos, healthy food recipes, and self-care tips, weight management has become easier than before. The best way to reach and maintain a healthy weight is to eat a nutritious, balanced diet, including movements in your daily routine, and working on your mental well-being.

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