Naturopathy Guide: What It Is, Types of Therapies & Benefits

Naturopathy Guide

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Revival of Naturopathy in India

Naturopathy is an independent system of nature-based treatments rooted in ancient Vedic sciences. The nation was heavily influenced by Naturopathy when Gandhiji stayed at India’s first nature cure clinic to take care of his overall well-being. Naturopathy is a holistic form of remedy that treats the body’s various aspects such as physical, mental, social and spiritual. Today, Naturopathy has transformed into an independent system of healing your body the natural way. 

What is Naturopathy Treatment?

Naturopathy is a combination of traditional therapies, healing remedies and healthy habits all rolled into one system of medication. Whether you want to take the preventive route to healing or the restorative one, Naturopathy helps you both ways. Naturopathy treatment is more than skin deep, as it focuses on curing the root of the source and doesn’t work solely at the symptom level. 

Naturopathy believes that diseases occur when waste gets accumulated in the body. This provides a favourable environment for bacteria to grow within the body, giving rise to diseases. Naturopathy treats these diseases by flushing out unwanted toxins from the human body, thereby removing diseases permanently. 

We are so used to being cured the allopathic way that we have forgotten the natural potential for cure that our bodies possess. If you invest time and effort into understanding your body, you can apply the principles of Naturopathy with ease and see the results for yourself.

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Types of Naturopathy Treatments & Its Benefits

At Fazlani Natures Nest, we use various Naturopathy treatments to help you experience life in the pinkest of health: 

  • Diet therapy:
    This therapy believes that food must be taken in its natural form. The focus is on consuming an alkaline-based diet which helps purify the body and boosts immunity.
  • Mud therapy:
    Decontaminated mud is applied on the body to energize skin tissues, improve skin condition and absorb toxins from the body.
  • Hydrotherapy:
    Different forms of water regulated at varying temperatures are used to cure disorders. It helps with opening pores of the skin, improving blood flow, lessening pain sensitivity, etc.
  • Acupressure:
    Pressure is applied to stimulate reflex points on the body called meridians, which helps the body relax deeply. The therapy is useful in relieving headaches, muscle aches, insomnia, indigestion and a host of other ailments. 

Mentioned above are just some of the many Naturopathy treatments we use at Fazlani’s. We ensure that elements of Naturopathy are a vital part of our offerings such as Deep Cleanse (Detox) Retreat, Lifestyle Disorder Management Retreat, Immunity Enhancement Retreat, etc. 

Book a stay with us to personally experience the miracles of a rejuvenating retreat. Experience coming closer to your true self with Naturopathy and understand your body from the inside-out.

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