Sleep Maintenance Latency: At Fazlani Nature's Nest

Can’t seem to get that sound sleep? You’re not alone. Fazlani Nature’s Nest, a leading provider of sleep therapy retreats in India, offers programs like sleep enhancement wellness program to help you achieve restful sleep. This case study highlights the success of our Wellness Resort Sleep Program also known as the Nidranasha Recovery Program

A 49-year-old female guest visited us seeking relief from sleep deprivation and difficulties she has been experiencing for the last four years. She also battled with the habit of liquor consumption during menstruation, heel pain (rated 5 on the VAS scale), and a weight loss desire.

Sleep Maintenance Latency At Fazlani Natures Nest 1

Finding Solutions at Fazlani Nature's Nest:

Through a comprehensive consultation, we discovered she possessed an introverted personality and faced hormonal issues due to approaching menopause. She relied on nightly sleeping pills, yet sleep remained inconsistent.

Treatment and Results:

To address her concerns, she opted for our 5-night Mastering Sleep Program. Her personalized treatment plan included:

  1. Acupuncture: To promote relaxation and balance energy flow.
  2. Internal cleansing (Neem Enemas): To gently detoxify the body.

This program further incorporates elements found in our broader offerings, such as:

  1. Hot Stone Massage: Promotes relaxation and muscle tension relief.
  2. Shirotailadhara: An Ayurvedic scalp treatment for stress reduction.
  3. Garshanam: A dry brushing technique that stimulates circulation and detoxification.
  4. Equine Therapy: Interaction with horses for emotional well-being and relaxation.
  5. Pranayamas and Breathwork: Yoga breathing techniques to improve sleep quality.

The results were significant:

  • Improved sleep patterns: She stopped relying on medication during the program.
  • Reduced heel pain: VAS rating dropped from 5 to 3.
  • Weight loss: 1.6 kg (65.2kg to 63.6kg) with a BMI decrease (22.6 to 22).

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Fazlani Nature’s Nest’s Sleep Wellness Resort programs, encompassing various options like the Nidranasha Recovery Program and the Sleep Enhancement Wellness Program. We offer a holistic approach to sleep improvement, addressing not just sleep issues but also underlying factors affecting your well-being.