According to WHO, cancer is a large group of diseases that can start in almost any organ or tissue of the body when abnormal cells grow uncontrollably. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for almost 9.6 million deaths or 1 in 6 deaths in 2018. 

The body goes through numerous painful procedures and must undergo proper rehabilitation to recover and attain optimal health. Fazlani Nature’s Nest has a solid reputation for effectively managing and treating various post-cancer conditions. We have a proven track record of various cases of post-cancer patients to rehabilitate them into a normal and healthy routine. And you know what? The results have been pretty amazing. 

Here are the details of a case involving a 69-year-old female who fought adenocarcinoma and chose us for the post-cancer rehabilitation program.


A 69-year-old female with a history of adenocarcinoma (endometrium), a type of cancer that forms in the glandular tissue. For that, she underwent her total hysterectomy two months back. Another health concern was her gut health having irregular bowel movements associated with bloating and weight gain associated with Hypothyroidism. She also had burning micturition on admission.

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After a detailed consultation with the guest in the cancer rehabilitation retreat, it was understood that she had an impaired metabolism, a suppressed immune mechanism, and a weakened digestive system. She chose a 5-night cancer rehabilitation exercise program under the complete guidance of a Naturopathic practitioner.

Treatment Offered

During her course of treatment at Fazlani Nature’s Nest, a premiere wellness centre in India, she underwent personalised therapeutic yoga, pranayama, and breathing exercises.  She was offered naturopathic treatments where local naturopathic wraps and packs were applied, detox baths, and neem enema along with the therapeutic diet were prescribed. The given diet was high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and minimal fat, rich in antioxidants. The herbal decoction was served every day to improve her gut and address the complaint of burning urination.

Holistic Approach

There were some serious radiation or chemotherapy marks on her body. So, we designed a cancer rehabilitation treatment program at our detox retreats in India, focusing on:

  • Reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Improving the quality of life.
  • Restore the gut health.
  • Improving the metabolism.


After completion of the ayurvedic post-cancer treatment program at our naturopathy centre in Pune, the guest shared that:

  • She felt lighter and more flexible.
  • Experienced significant reduction in bloating.
  • Her complaint of burning micturition had significantly improved.
  • Her weight dropped from 83.2 KGS to 82.4 KGS wherein her body fat has been reduced from 41.3 to 40.4. 

These positive changes and the satisfactory smile on the guest’s face exemplify the effectiveness of Fazlani Nature’s Nest’s wellness retreat program in post-cancer rehabilitation. We believe in taking a holistic approach to treating and eliminating post-cancer conditions. We are one of the leading naturopathy centres in India, known for its cost-effective wellness packages in India.