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Our Property

The Hive

Welcome to The Hive… your open to nature, fine dining experience. The wellness cuisine crafted by our master chef and team who understand the science behind healthy eating. Our global menu is crafted as per your choice at the recommendation of our wellness expert.

  • From Fields to the Platters

  • Cuisine at The Hive has been designed keeping in mind the farm to fork concept that ensures only the freshest ingredients and healthiest produce is served. The Restaurant explores new vistas in modern gastronomy, with emphasis on light and healthy meals at all times. Fazlani Natures Nest is a ‘No alcohol’ zone. This is in keeping with the traditions of wellness that forms the epicentre of our core belief.

  • The Orchards

  • Hand pick an array of fresh fruits at the orchard and bring it to our chef… and magic happens! The Orchard at Fazlani Natures Nest bears a variety of seasonal fruits and welcomes you to explore it during your stay with us.

  • Ahara Farms

  • Fancy a fresh salad with hand picked ingredients? We have just the right fix for you. Welcome to the Ahara Farms… a wide expanse of farming land overlooking the restaurant where you could happily saunter with your vegetable basket and get your favourite vegetables picked and prepared. On most bright sunny days, you will see our farmers working on fields as they sing their hearts away from dawn to dusk.

The Village

Namaste! Paadharo Mare Desh…

Welcome to the wellness ‘Villagery’. A village based on the local Maharashtrian Warli art set with little hutments that couple as functional solar, hydro and mud treatment rooms. Experience village activities such as pottery or simply sit back and unwind on the traditional kantha beds. Feel at home, in the open air space that helps you overcome the claustrophobia of urban city skylines.

Stallion Castle

The welcoming highlight at Fazlani Natures Nest is Stallion Castle A one of a kind Horse Castle that houses thorough bred horses from across the globe. It is a recreational space with a fully equipped stable, veterinary medical room, a snack & mocktail bar overlooking the riding and training arena. The viewing deck is a perfect place to unwind with a quote book or amidst the company of your loved ones.

Equine Therapy

Fazlani Natures Nest offers a unique therapy experience at the Stallion Castle, the Equine Therapy, a form of experiential therapy that involves interactions between guests and horses. We stop here and keep the details as a matter of exploration….

Alcohol is Strictly Prohibited

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